Operator Training

OSHA requires that all personnel operating a Powered Industrial Truck must be properly trained and demonstrate knowledge and proficiency of operating their specific type of equipment used on a daily basis.

Powered Industrial Truck accidents annually result in:

  • 61,800 non-serious injuries
  • 34,900 serious injuries
  • 85 fatalities

– OSHA Safety Management, 2016

Industrial Safe Site operator training consists of the following areas:

  • falling loads
  • falling platforms
  • visibility
  • attention
  • riders
  • vehicle maintenance, engine operation – daily inspections
  • carbon monoxide
  • surface conditions
  • unusual loads
  • operating in hazardous classified areas
  • narrow aisles, other restricted areas
  • pedestrians
  • operating instructions, warnings and precautions (operating manual)
  • similarities & differences from an automobile
  • controls and instruments
  • power plants – fueling or recharging
  • steering and maneuverability
  • forks & attachments
  • vehicle capacity
  • operating limitations/capacity, derating
  • stability triangle/load center/fulcrum
  • compositions of load & stability
  • load manipulation/stacking, unstacking
  • ramps or slopes
  • work-related topics or other unique or potential hazardous environmental conditions
  • company-specific rules and regulations
  • additional rules & regulations

Industrial Safe Site operator training includes a written exam, review of the written exam, and hands-on evaluation, as well as any additional safety rules and regulations specific to your company.

Certification is an easy process with Industrial Safe Site. We provide all of the knowledge, education and written documentation that is necessary to comply with OSHA standards.

OSHA 1910.178(l)(l)(i) reads “The employer shall ensure that each powered industrial truck operator is competent to operate a powered industrial truck safely, as demonstrated by the successful completion of the training.”

If Operator Training of any kind is needed for your company, contact Industrial Safe Site today to get a quote.